Questions to ask your builder

The short answer – yes!

Individuals and companies must hold a QBCC licence to carry out any building work valued at over $3,300.

Only someone holding a builder’s licence can organise other trades: eg a carpenter cannot organise for the electrician or plumber to come in and do work. If you engage a trade contractor to carry out your bathroom renovation, the job will not be covered under insurance – you must engage someone who holds a builder’s licence.

TPK Bathrooms holds a Builder – Low Rise licence with the QBCC.

TPK Bathrooms has been specialising in bathroom renovations for 10 years. Our director, Lane Boland, has been in the building industry for over 25.

We have renovated and insured over 700 bathrooms, all in and around the Redlands.

The TPK team is made up of full-time employees as well as contractors.

We have 9 full time employees and regularly work with a team of 10 individual contractors.

Our employees include carpenters, plumbers and office staff. We use contractors for tiling, electrical and plastering work.

We provide a detailed breakdown of the scope of works that we are quoting on, together with an itemized list of items that you will need to provide.

It is important when comparing quotes to ensure you are comparing apples with apples. Make sure the quotes are for the same work requirements so that you can easily compare them later.

Some points to look out for:

  • Is one quote for a framed shower screen while the other is for a fully frameless shower screen?
  • Is one quote moving the drainage to opposite side of the room while the other quote is keeping it where is already is?
  • Is one quote including all of your tiles, taps etc while the other quote lets you choose and purchase the items yourself?
  • Does the company quoting use licenced tradesman to carry out the work, or are they using handymen with no insurance?

The cheapest quote does not necessarily mean the best quote. What may initially seem like a good price can potentially end up costing you more money.


If your renovation work is priced at over $3,300, you need to sign a written contract with your builder. Your builder is also responsible for taking out home warranty insurance directly with the QBCC for the works carried out at your property.

For further details regarding the home warranty insurance scheme, please see here:


All work carried out by QBCC licence holders is covered under the following warranties:

  • Structural defects – six year warranty period
  • Non-structural defects – 12 month warranty period

The maximum deposit allowed under Queensland legislation is:

  • 10% where the total contract price is under $20,000
  • 5% where the total contract price is $20,000 or more
  • 20% for a contract of any price where the value of the work to be performed off-site is more than 50% of the total contract price

If you’ve ever gone shopping at a bathroom supply shop, you will know just how much choice there is! We don’t believe in telling you what you can and can’t have for your renovation so we leave the shopping up to you. We let you be in control of budget and style!

We provide you with a detailed list of items that you will need to supply. We work with several local suppliers where we have trade accounts with special prices just for our clients.

Whilst every room varies slightly depending on what work is being carried out, most bathrooms will take around 3 weeks. After the 3 weeks, there is a small wait while we have your shower screen custom made. The shower screen takes between 5 – 7 business days to be made and installed.

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